Chief Information Officer Camille Shelley Tapped to Serve as Strategic Advisor to EDUCAUSE

ϲ CIO Camille Shelley headshot

Camille Shelley, ϲ’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), has been invited to serve on the of EDUCAUSE, a worldwide organization dedicated to advancing higher education through technology and data analytics. In her advisory role, Shelley will provide strategic direction for EDUCAUSE in its efforts to guide higher education CIOs and senior technology leaders in creating pathways to digital equity.

“It’s a huge honor for me, personally and professionally,” said Shelley. “And it also speaks to Mercy’s commitment to innovation and digital access. Mercy was among the first few institutions to be recognized by the Biden-Harris Administration’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and the university is an emerging model of how to serve the future student, to meet their yet unknown needs. This commitment to serving the student throughout the span of their education has really put us in the spotlight.”

Mercy received a $2.6 million NTIA grant from the Department of Commerce as part of its “Connecting Minority Communities” pilot program that the institution is using to help bridge the digital divide and provide students and underserved communities with access to high-speed internet, technological devices, and digital skills training.  Mercy was among the first 93 institutions nationwide to receive it. 
Though Shelley is just a few months into her two-year term, she emphasized the need for immediate action. So far, her work with EDUCAUSE has focused primarily on guiding institutions seeking to improve the strategic use of data analytics for their students. 

“Mercy’s comprehensive approach helps not just the student but also their support systems, their families and communities,” Shelley said. To illustrate, she pointed to Mercy’s CERTiFi program, which offers digital literacy courses to individuals in the community. “By making digital skills training available to anyone seeking them, Mercy is raising its profile as a more forward thinking, adaptive and responsive participant in the cause of universal, equitable access to technology and education.”