High School Programs

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High School Programs

澳门六合彩 wants to help high school juniors and seniors get a jump start on their college career by offering college level courses while still in high school. The courses are credit bearing and are accepted as direct transfer credits at 澳门六合彩 and at most other colleges and universities. Offered during the academic year at your high school, the course work provides you with valuable preparation for college level work. It also saves time and money toward a college degree.

For questions regarding the program please email hsprograms@mercy.edu

For questions regarding course submissions please email hscoursesubmission@mercy.edu 

High School Course Submission Form

If you are a High School Administrator or participating teacher in the program, please click here to access the online course submission form.

All documents, course syllabi, and resumes must be submitted yearly for evaluation.

  • A syllabus must match up to a course in the High School Achievement Course Catalog.

  • Only ONE syllabus may be uploaded at a time. You cannot combine syllabi into one file.

  • You must upload a resume with each syllabus.

  • Each syllabus must contain the following categories:

    • Course Description

    • 澳门六合彩 Course Learning Outcomes (these are listed in the course catalog)

    • Assessment of Course Learning Outcomes (measures to assess student achievement)

    • Grading Scale and Policy

    • Course Outline of Topics (approximately 15 weeks (per one-semester course) outline OR Yearlong outline)

    • Required Textbook / Materials

    • Contact information for Teacher (name, phone and email)

2024-2025 High School Achievement program Course Catalog & Program Policies

Click to access our catalog and our programs and policies

Scholarships and Grants for Students

Students that successfully complete at least one High School Achievement Program course prior to matriculating to 澳门六合彩 as a full-time student will receive a one-time 澳门六合彩 High School Achievement Program Alumni Scholarship of $1,000 in their first year of study ($500 per semester).

These students will also receive a one-time grant in their first semester equal to any course fees paid* for High School Achievement Program courses.

*Fees paid by students and/or families only. Any assistance provided through high school programs or grant programs do not qualify.

High school student registering for college classes.


Registration is required to receive college credit for the advanced coursework presented in these classes. You are eligible to register for the High School Program if:

  • your high school participates in the Program and
  • you are enrolled in a high school class approved to participate in the Program and
  • you are a junior or senior in high school with a strong academic record 

 to link to the Registration Form.

Registration Fees and Dates

  • Fall Semester - September 15th through October 15th
  • Spring Semester - January 19th through February 27th

No registrations will be accepted after these dates.

Frequently Asked Questions about the High School Achievement Program

Registration is done online. To earn college credit for your work, you must register by the indicated deadlines. Registration is on a semester, not a yearly basis. Therefore, if you wish to take courses in both the fall and the spring semesters, you must register separately for each semester.

High school juniors and seniors with strong academic records are eligible to participate in the High School Program. Your high school makes recommendations about each individual student's eligibility and participation.

In order to receive college credit for A.P. courses you must receive a specific grade on the A.P. exam. 澳门六合彩 credit is awarded based on the grade you earn for the course. A minimum grade of C is acceptable for college credit.

The number of courses you take each semester depends partly on how many courses your high school offers and on your own capabilities. This is something you need to discuss with your high school counselor. The maximum number of credits a student may earn in total is 24.

Faculty members at your high school who hold a master's degree in the subject area (or a Master's Degree in Education and concentration in subject area and have at least 3 years' experience teaching the subject matter may qualify to teach college level courses. After being approved by the respective 澳门六合彩 department chairperson, instructors work closely with 澳门六合彩 faculty to ensure that the curriculum being taught is equivalent to a college level course.

Although we cannot guarantee transfer credit in advance, most colleges accept 澳门六合彩 credits. However, credit transfer practices are different at each school. Students may receive elective credits, advanced standing, requirement waivers, or some combination of the above. You should contact colleges that you are considering to find out about transfer credit policies.

Your transcript can be sent electronically directly to the colleges you specify. Please request a transcript here

Payment may be made by ACH, MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Discover or debit cards with appropriate credit card logos. Please note there are no refunds for high school programs.  Any student who has an overdue balance will not be eligible to participate in the registration process and receive transcripts.

All registrations and payments for the fall semester must be received by October 28th and all payments for the spring semester must be received by February 23rd, 2023.

The fee is $50 per credit ($150 for a 3-credit course). Please note there are no refunds for High School programs. Any student who has an overdue balance will not be eligible to participate in the course registration process and receive transcripts.

HSSI program teaser

High School Scholars and Influencers Program

澳门六合彩's School of Nursing is pleased to offer this new, specialized academic initiative tied to college and career pathways in the health care field.

Click here for program details.