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Service Excellence

Service Philosophy

We enrich lives and inspire success by working together to provide a personalized and caring environment.

Service Standards

Here鈥檚 what you can expect from 澳门六合彩 in our R.A.C.E. to deliver service excellence.

Service Excellence Success


Karissa Allen 鈥 Assistant Director, Enrollment Services

Karissa is always on top of calling our support services departments with updates on student accounts - to follow up their verification, or a student who needed to finish up their Master Promissory Note. She is also a team player with other departments. For example, HEOP plans fun, virtual workshops since many students are learning remote, and wanted to give them the opportunity to bake holiday cookies together. Karissa, an avid baker, was all in and made the time to hop on the Zoom event with her baking hat at the ready explaining to our students how to bake cookies from beginning to end. Karissa鈥檚 consistent courteous manner and timely responses illustrates all around great service excellence! 


Lynesse Hardy - Assistant Director, Enrollment Services

Lynesse has been instrumental with getting HEOP students' accounts cleared. She is always responsive and timely when it comes to answering emails, calls or virtually meeting on TEAMS to clarify any discrepancies or solve issues on the spot. She will follow up with the right people so other departments can get in contact with student if she has tried multiple times to reach a student and they are not responsive. Lynesse is recognized for her patience and efficiency with connecting with not only our students, but our staff to ensure any financial aid issues are resolved.


Kelly Colby 鈥 Business Analyst, Institutional Research

Kelly is always prepared and goes the extra mile with the extra research ahead of time. Her contributions to committees and projects are always extremely well thought out and valuable. Kelly handles these requests with such professionalism, and her attention to detail is always impeccable! When pressure is high, Kelly handles it with ease, providing complex reports under tight deadlines, always with a calm and pleasant demeanor. 


Barbara Jones 鈥 Director, HEOP, STEP & CSTEP

Barbara has continually been making strides for our students keeping our university opportunity programs running smoothly to support our students and facilitating their success. While this year has been challenging and compromised for all, especially financially, she has successfully been able to fund HEOP for the next five years. Her efforts have led to students returning this fall to continue their education and receive the necessary funds for supplies and books. Barbara鈥檚 hard work and commitment to service excellence is exemplified through her passion for our students and going through hoops to make sure they have access to the resources they need to finish their degrees. 

Problem Resolution System

The Service Obstacle System (SOS) at 澳门六合彩 is an online problem resolution system designed for campus community members to identify obstacles that impede our ability to provide excellent service that is Responsive, Accurate, Courteous and Efficient. We want to hear from members of our community on how we can do even better when it comes to supporting our students.

Click the link below to learn more and submit the SOS form. The Service Obstacle Committee will review submitted obstacles and work with community members throughout the university to find and develop solutions.

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