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Residential Life

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Living on Campus

Living on campus can be one of the most rewarding college experiences. It's a chance to gain independence, broaden your horizons and meet lifelong friends.鈥 

Applying for Housing

Academic Year 2024-2025 applications are now open. Use your Mercy credentials to log in.

Roommate group/selection deadline for all 2024-2025 students is July 21, 2024.

Something for Everyone

There are several options for living on campus at 澳门六合彩 鈥 whether you鈥檙e in a residence hall on the Westchester Campus or Dorm34 at the Manhattan campus, there鈥檚 something for everyone. 

Hudson Hall

Westchester Campus

In our Westchester Residence Halls students enjoy stunning views of the Hudson River, a supportive community and easy access to classes, the library and athletic facilities.鈥 

Explore and discover your passions. Across our three campuses a thriving student life has a place for you to be you: 60+ clubs and organizations, on-campus events and 10 NCCAA sports teams.鈥 

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Mercy Manhattan Entrance

Dorm34 at Our Manhattan Campus

Our Manhattan campus has expanded and students are able to live at our recently revamped campus in the heart of midtown.  

Student residents get instant access to the benefits of campus - community lounges, dining services, computer labs and library study space without stepping outside the buildings.鈥 

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Live on Dobbs Ferry Campus

New Residential Students

If you鈥檙e new to 澳门六合彩, visit our Residential Student page to learn more about how to apply and get started. 

Student on Dobbs Ferry campus

Continuing Residential Students

Whether you are choosing to live on campus for another year or a current Mercy student who wants to live on campus for the first time, check out our continuing residential student plan with all the information you need to continue living on campus.

Resources and Information

Parking requests are now included in the housing application for upperclassmen.

First-Year students are鈥痭ot鈥痚ligible for residential parking permits. 

Upperclassmen residents will be eligible for residential parking permits after they are determined fully eligible for housing by the University. Please note there are a limited number of parking passes and residential students are not guaranteed a spot. Permits are assigned based on availability.

The opportunity to invite guests into a residence hall, room, or suite is grounded in the principles of mutual respect and harmony. It is important to acknowledge that one resident's right to have guests should not infringe upon another resident's reasonable expectation of privacy. It is expected, particularly among students sharing a living space, that they will treat each other with courtesy, maintain open lines of communication, be willing to find compromises, and act in good faith when it comes to hosting guests. A guest is defined as someone who is not a Mercy residential student living in the residential hall or dorm they are looking to access. All guests must be registered at all times, must depart before the end of guest hours, and must comply with all Residential Life rules and regulations. 

Residents must abide by the following visitation procedures: 

All Guests: 

  1. All guests staying in a 澳门六合彩 residence hall are expected to comply with the policies, procedures, and regulations set forth by the College and the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services. 

  1. Guests must be escorted by the Resident who signed them in at all times. Guests are not allowed to roam the building unaccompanied by their Resident Host. 

  1. If occupants of a room/suite have complaints about Guests, staff reserve the right to remove the guests until the issue is resolved at a later time through mediation or the Office of Conduct and Community Standards. 

  1. The Resident Host assumes responsibility for the conduct of their guest(s) within the residence hall premises, including the building, room, or suite in which the host resides. The Resident Host will be held accountable for any violations of University/Residence Life policies, as well as for any instances of theft or harm to individuals or property resulting from their guests' behavior, regardless of whether the guest is a fellow University student or not. 

  1. Mercy students who exhibit disruptive or volatile behavior while serving as guests in a residence hall or a room/suite will also face personal accountability for their actions. 

  1. If a guest displaying volatile behavior is enrolled in another college or university, 澳门六合彩 reserves the right to report the individual's conduct to their respective institution. 

  1. The staff reserves the right to remove any guest or deny entry to a guest. The staff鈥檚 priority is to ensure the academic promise and well-being of the residents in the 澳门六合彩 residential halls. 


Day Guests 

  1. Day Guest hours begin at 8:00 AM and end at 12:00 AM (midnight). All guests must be signed in at the front desk of the residential area upon entering and must be met by the resident whom they are visiting. A guest is anyone who is not a Mercy residential student for the assigned building/dorm that the person is entering. 

  1. Day Guest must leave an approved ID (with photo) with staff while they are visiting. 


Overnight/Evening Guests 

  1. Overnight Guests/Evening Guests are guests who are staying in the residential areas beyond 12:00AM (midnight).  

  1. Residents who would like Overnight/Evening Guests must apply a minimum of 72 hours in advance of Overnight/Evening Guests staying. For a Resident Host to accommodate a Late Hours/Overnight guest, they must obtain permission from their roommate(s)/suitemate(s) and submit a Guest Approval Form to the Residential Building Manager (Resident Director or Associate Director) for authorization. 

  1. Guests must sleep in the room of the Resident Host under whose name they have been registered. Overnight/Evening guests are strictly prohibited from sleeping in hall lounges or other public spaces. 

  1. A Resident Host may not have the same Overnight/Evening Guest, or a different person, staying for more than three (3) consecutive nights or exceeding a total of six (6) nights within a calendar month. 

  1. Similarly, an individual may not serve as an Overnight/Evening guest in the residence hall guest system for more than six (6) nights per calendar month, regardless of whether they stay with the same or different resident hosts. 

  1. A resident may request and sign in no more than one (1) overnight guest at a time. 

  1. Every guest must register at the front desk by submitting valid photo identification, such as a driver鈥檚 license, State identification card, or University ID with photo and expiration date. Expired photo identification will not be permitted. The identification cards of the guest will be held at the front desk until the guest departs. The Resident Host must escort a guest to the desk to retrieve their identification cards upon departure. 

  2. Non-Residential guests are not permitted in the Residential Areas during final exam periods. The residential staff also reserve the right to disallow overnight guests during other times of the year. 

  3. Guests under the age of eighteen (18) are not permitted without the prior written approval of the Director of Residential Life. 

All residential students, regardless of campus, get a mail box located in their residential space assigned to them after move in. Students can also receive packages.
澳门六合彩 will accept mail for residential students after move in during the academic year.

The mailing address is as follows:

"Student Name"
澳门六合彩 - "Residential Space"
828 S Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Mail is sent to our mailroom and then sent to the campus. Westchester students will get notification to pick up mail from Hudson Hall front desk when packages/letters are received. Manhattan residents will get notification to pick up mail from desk attendants (3rd floor) when packages/letters are received.

The Office of Residential Life seeks to provide a living environment welcoming to all gender identities. Gender inclusive housing provides a supportive environment where all residents can feel safe in their housing assignments with respect to their gender identity and gender expression. The gender inclusive housing option is available to students that request this living option.

Willing participants must commit to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming living environment free of discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Inclusive housing is not guaranteed to any student, and it will be denied in cases where applicants are attempting to secure housing for non-platonic relationships.

Academic Year Dates

Residential Fall 2024 Move-In

Dobbs Ferry


New students (First Years and Transfer undergraduate students): Sunday September 1, 2024- 10AM - 3PM

Continuing Students (upperclassmen and graduate students): Tuesday September 3, 2024

All students: Sunday September 1, 2024

Students will choose their move in time with residential life after they are cleared for the semester.

Move in is subject to getting cleared for housing. Please contact Student Financial Services if you have questions about your housing clearance.

Academic Breaks 2024-2025

Residential life spaces (Hudson, Founders, and Dorm34) are not open during the academic breaks:

Thanksgiving Break (November 27 @ 6pm until December 1 @ 12pm)

Winter Break (December 20 @ 8pm until January 23 @ 9AM)

Spring Break (March 21 @ 8pm until March 30 @ 12pm)

Students can keep their belongings in their room during these times but must leave the space unless taking a class during this time. Refer to contract for specific information.

Move Out Spring 2025

Residential life spaces (Hudson, Founders, and Dorm34) will all close May 16, 2025 at 11AM. Students must move out and check out of their rooms within 24 hours of their last final or by this time, unless they are graduating and staying for commencement.

Packing for Mercy

What You Should/May Bring

  • Pillows and Bedding (Twin XL)
  • Shower Caddy
  • Towels and Toiletries
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hamper and Laundry Supplies
  • Surge protector Power Strip (UL Approved)
  • Decorations
  • Calendar/Whiteboard
  • Smart TV
  • Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Electric Water Kettle (auto shutoff feature required)
  • Small vacuum cleaner
  • Wastebasket
  • Trash bags
  • Desk or Floor Lamp
  • Mini-Fridge (may not exceed 4.0 cubic square feet)
  • Battery Operated String Lights
  • A fish (in a tank up to 5 gallons)

Make Our Building a Safe Space

  • No hanging items from the ceiling/pipes
  • No excessive trash/ disorderly rooms
  • No blocking egress

What You Should Not Bring

  • Microwaves
  • Hot Plates
  • Coffee Pots (with exposed heating element)
  • Halogen Bulb Lamps
  • Toaster/Toaster oven
  • Portable Grills, Sandwich/Panini Grills
  • Air Fryers
  • Candles/ Incense/Plug-in Air Fresheners
  • Plug-In String LED Lights
  • Bed Lofting Kits/Bed Risers
  • Extension Cords/Multiple Plug Adapters
  • Pets (must be approved by ACCESSibility)
  • Space Heaters or Air Conditioners
  • Electric Blankets
  • Outside Furniture/ Large storage containers
  • Curtains/ Tapestries
  • Washing Machines
  • Carpet, Tiling, or Wall Paper
  • Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Alcohol (alcohol containers, including for decoration, are not permitted)
  • Weapons of ANY kind (including for decoration)
  • Explosives/Fireworks
  • Salt Lamps
  • Internet/Wireless Routers
  • Cinderblocks
  • Electric Scooters/ Skateboards
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Electric filters for fish tanks

Download Packing Checklist

Academic Year Contract Dates

These dates are in the housing contract signed by all residential students each year.


Housing Contract

Academic Year

The housing contract is for the academic year that falls between September and May. Students commit to staying on campus for the entire time.

Residential Move In

Fall/Spring Terms

Move in is usually the day before undergraduate classes start for the term. Residential Life will publish the official dates in early summer.

Residential Move Out

Fall Term

Students do not need to move all belongings out if they are returning for spring. Students must leave within 24 hours of their last final or by the published check out date.

Residential Breaks

Break Housing

Residential Life offers break housing on a limited basis. There is a nominal cost to request to stay on campus during the breaks, found in the housing contract.

Residential Move Out

Spring Term

All students must completely move out from their rooms at the end of the spring term. Students will need to move out 24 hours of their last final or by the published check out date.

Contact Residential Life Staff

(914) 674-7277 


Hudson Hall 110
555 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Brittnay Crocco | Director of Residential Life

Sara Colombo | Associate Director, Dorm34

Oliver Similton | Resident Hall Director, Founders Hall

Kaitelyn Dorlette | Resident Hall Director, Hudson Hall

Our Resident Hall Directors and Associate Director oversee and manage their respective residential living space.