Blackboard Resources for Faculty

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Blackboard Workshops

We want to make sure that every is comfortable using Blackboard this fall. We have created a multitude of trainings designed to make sure you are as successful as possible.

Mercy Online offers eight different training workshops:

  • Blackboard 101: Basic Blackboard
  • Blackboard 102: Teaching Essentials
  • Blackboard 201: Discussion Forum and Assignments
  • Blackboard 202: Grade Center
  • Blackboard 301: Groups
  • Blackboard 302: Test and Surveys
  • Blackboard 303: Blackboard Collaborate
  • Blackboard 304: Rubrics
  • Blackboard 305: Measuring Student Engagement

To view and sign up for full range of trainings, ranging from Basic Blackboard to Grade Center please click the link below:

Drop-In Clinics

Mercy Online has 20-minute Drop-In Clinics every Wednesday and Friday. In order to participate you need to reserve a time. The Drop-In Clinic is meant for quick questions and help. For Blackboard Training, please attend on of our Blackboard Workshops.

Drop-In Clinic: 

Contact Information

Blackboard Technical Support:
For Blackboard Technical Questions please contact the 澳门六合彩 Help Desk (24/7 Support): 914-674-7526 or via email

Blackboard Training and Online Course Design
For Blackboard Training and Online Course Design support please contact Mercy Online: 914-674-7585 or via email

For the fall, the challenge is clear: We must design and deliver courses that are engaging, interactive, well supported, and responsive to the times. See the following link for some simple, straightforward ways to improve your online course.

Get tips from Blackboard 24/7. Blackboard has many quick, 4 minute videos to help you understand how to use various Blackboard Tools including the Grade Center, Assignments, Rubrics, Attendance, and more.

Disability Support Services Syllabus Statement

The provost has requested that this statement be included on each class syllabus.

Students With Disabilities. 澳门六合彩 is committed to achieving equal educational opportunities and full participation for persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities who may need classroom accommodations are encouraged to contact the Office of ACCESSibility before the semester begins to learn about the different accommodations available and the process for obtaining reasonable accommodation(s).   Please contact the Office at (914) 674-7523, or visit our website at